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City of Greater Geelong - Case Study

"Using Artist Photographer Commercial helped net almost $200M"

artist photographer Commercial

"We engaged Artist Photographer Commercial to shoot the Westconnect campaign. They understood the brief and the end result is exactly what we were looking for. Excellent service and a great result!"

Sharon Cockerell
Marketing Services Co-ordinator
City of Greater Geelong

The Brief

The City of Greater Geelong wanted to lobby the Federal Government to fund the other half of the Geelong Ring Road project, also known as the Westconnect Project. Billboards, press ads, postcards and a website were created to attract the attention of Prime Minister Howard who was due to visit Geelong at that time.

A male and a female model were chosen for the shoots - "real people" so that the campaign had a genuine look about it. "We want the driver to look frustrated but not angry" was the direction from our client.

The Process

We sourced models, a motor vehicle that we could remove the windscreen from (to get rid of reflections), a windscreen fitter (to refit a new windscreen) and selected a day where the light would be just right.

The main image of car and driver were shot at the back of our Geelong studio, and the traffic you can just see in the rear window of the car was stripped in later from a series of images made, ironically, at the very stretch of the Princes Highway where one of the many billboards was to be displayed.

Our production department combined the three separate images:

  • Driver and Car (No windscreen)
  • Rear Vision Mirror (which was subsequently cropped out for display)
  • Traffic Image for rear windscreen
  • The Mediums

    Billboards, Postcards, Press Ads, Web
    artist photographer Commercialartist photographer Commercial
    artist photographer Commercialartist photographer Commercial

    The End Result

    "... was exactly what were were looking for" said the client. The Federal Government committed almost $200 Million to fund the project.

    "Our favorite image from this campaign was a press photo of the Prime Ministers car driving right up to the billboard - very hard to miss the message", said Mark Strachan of artist photographer Commercial.

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