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About Us

Artist photographer Commercial was formed in 1983 with a view to delivering expert advice and brilliant photography of our business client's people, services and products.

With clients in Asia, Europe and the USA as well as many blue chip companies in Australia, our 22 years has seen us expertly positioned to help you with your commercial photography needs with our offices in Melbourne and Sydney, as well as our head office in Geelong, Victoria.

The key to photography that "fits like a glove" is having the knowledge to ask the right questions and to match up your needs with the best photographer on our team - a true specialist!

We guarantee to get it right EACH and EVERY time we work for you, no matter what size the project. If we don't - then you don't pay - it's as simple as that!

Clients such as Bendigo Bank, Deloitte and Porsche Cars Australia have experienced our commitment to getting it right and you can read more about how we do this by visiting our client testimonials page

At Artist Photographer Commercial, we want your company to profit from what we have to offer by showing your clients and customers what you do in the very best light.

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